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The Secret to Unstoppable Attacks and Blinding Speed
From: Sigung Richard Clear
From: Sigung Richard Clear
To do Kung Fu, you need Smart Hands.
But most people don’t really have smart hands- even long term practitioners.
A lot of them have stupid hands, and end up clumsy and slow when things don't go as they planned.
If you don’t have smart hands, it gets frustrating when you get crowded.
Can’t fight at the distance you’re at? Too bad if your opponent got there first.
Or maybe it’s just that inkling feeling in the back of your head-
“I can fight THIS WAY, but what am I going to do if they do something else?”
After all, if you don’t have an exceptional amount of control, how are you going to react in surprise attacks?
Do you even have a game plan?
Many people turn to sparring- thinking that that’s the full answer, and is going to prepare them for anything.
And while it can teach you a lot- Full Contact Sparring Comes With Many Problems:
  •  Without extensive training, it’s clumsy and unskilled
  •  If you’re going at full speed you can get yourself hurt
  •  Its exhausting in long intervals- so must be trained in short spurts.
  •  All the blood and scrapes and bruises add up over time- and makes many give up
Let’s be clear-
There’s a time and a place for sparring- but it isn’t going to be the fastest way to learn
It’s a reality check.
And while that reality check is needed to make sure you have the skills- you’re going to have to build them first.
And to build them, I’ve found no quicker way of solving stupid hands than with a series of drills and games from Wing Chun- Sticky Hands Practice.
First of All- 
Our natural reaction time is HORRIBLE.
In laboratory studies, evidence has shown that reaction time to visual stimuli can be late by as much as 1 full second- and often longer.
Reaction to touch- however, is tens of times faster- and seems instantaneous by comparison
In a fight, what this usually translates to is “punches coming out of nowhere” before you ever saw them.
If you’re going by feel- however, you can learn to catch them early instead of late- and end up with plenty of time to react and a faster trigger to go on.
It Will Seem Like You Have
Even if You Never Sped Up
This change will teach you how to aim (well!) without even looking- drastically improving your strikes per second-
Not because you got faster, but because you reacted SO MUCH earlier its like you could see the future.
Couple that with the fact that these exercises are fun to learn and practice- and you’ve got yourself hours of dedicated practice at a time- and it doesn't feel like work.
Whereas with sparring, you often burn yourself out before learning anything new.
With Sticky Hands, you’ll look forward to every opportunity to improve your skills, or teach another to be your training partner (and BOTH of you get something out of it!)
I can’t overstate just how much proper sticky hands practice will REVOLUTIONIZE the way you study the arts, and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
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Sigung Richard Clear
Sticky Hands: Energy & Flow
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